Friday, July 10, 2009

37 Week Appointment!!

Today I had my 37 week check up and my blood pressure was high again. It was 142/86. At my 36 week check up it was also high but they weren't too concerned because before that it had always been normal. Since it was high 2 weeks in a row my doctor sent me to get some blood work done in the lab and I also have to do a 24 hour urine collection to make sure I don't have protein in my urine (they're testing me for Pre Eclampsia). I also have to get another level 2 ultrasound done and until Jaxon arrives I need to go in for monitoring twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, in addition to my weekly OB visit. If my 24 hour urine comes back that there is protein then they will induce me right away, otherwise I'll still be induced at 39 weeks which would be the 24th. I'm nervous about the high blood pressure so hopefully I don't have Pre Eclampsia. She said for now I have Gestational Hypertension. The good news is though that I'm 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced! She said my cervix i super soft so that will make the induction process easier. I'm still kind of hoping I go into labor on my own before my induction date lol. I'm so ready! I'm also excited because next week my regular doctor will be back from some training thing the Army sent him to so that'll be nice that I wont have to be seeing new doctors towards the end of my pregnancy. Oh and I also found out that my Group B Strep test was negative. Now I just need to start my 24 hour urine collection tomorrow and we'll hopefully have the results early next week.

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suzzanna said...

I hope every thing will be fine but I was diagnosed with Pre Eclampsia and I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine and thats why I had to deliver early. But Im praying that all goes well and your blood work comes back fine.